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FIC: Feel Good Porn - How It Started (NC-17)

Title: Feel Good Porn – How It Started
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron
Summary: Some special cake leaves them drugged up and drunk. Some kinks are revealed and there's indulging on a few particular ones.. more as the series progresses. Author's Notes: Don't think too hard on the circumstances cause it's all about the porn. Yep, kinky angst-free porn. Mention of toys and kinky behavior. Crossdressing (H/D). S&M (Hr/R). Abusive use of the word 'baby' and a very bottom!Draco.

The agreement was made over six months ago during a Christmas Eve bash at Fred and George Weasley's house.


Four young adults staggered out into the snow, attempting to walk off the mental fuzz. While they did avoid George's spiked eggnog none was the wiser over Fred's special cake.

Their drunken stroll was marginally successful at best. They made it as far as the garden where Harry's coordination failed him and he toppled forward, landing brusquely on his face. Draco, already astonished that it hadn't been the worst holiday ever, gasped in further shock, flummoxed by Harry's vanishing act. The blond took an unsteady step back and proceeded to search for his missing lover. Once he spotted him Draco decided that the best course of action was to point and laugh mockingly so he did his best.

But he overdid it because next thing he knew, he fell on top of his top.

In the meanwhile, Hermione walked carefully over the snow. All her attention was on balancing her last precious slice of chocolate cake. Unfortunately, this made it difficult for her to watch where she was going. Her foot got caught under Draco's flailing arm and down she went (dragging Ron down with her too). Assorted limbs writhed on the ground. It was a halfhearted attempt at…something.. but they gave it up. Stagnant confusion gave way to inebriated groping, which gave way to drunken declarations of weird.

"Ahshit." Mumbled Harry. He was fairly certain that he was too close to the ground. Horizontal definitely did not allow for proper strolls. He rubbed his nose and curled up on his side, determined to sort out his situation. Besides him lied Draco whose expression was a cross between amazement and great doubt. "Aiiiierzzhh.. shohn'hate…Weashuleezssh…?!" He wondered.

In the meanwhile, Hermione grinned. She had witnessed the cake fly out of her hands and sink into the nearest snow was so..she hadn't been expecting that…just fwoop! Down into the cake eating a big..huge.. snow frosted..victim... thing.. Never in her life had she encountered anything so peculiar... "Hee.." Said Hermione.

Ron had been particularly quiet and the most thoughtful of the group. There were a few things he needed to get off his chest and now was probably the best time to do it. He rolled to his side and got comfortable (consequently spooning Harry from behind). Clearing his throat for much longer than necessary, Ron declared, "My favorite position is on my back with Hermione's rack pressed against my chest as she pounds me so hard and so deep with her strap-on that I squeal like a stuck pig."

It took a long while for the words to make their way through respective thought processes…

Fuzzily, they each concluded that Ron was far more coherent than anyone with his blood alcohol level had the right to be.

"Hee hee." Said Hermione.

"Dafsth…Weeeaaaazzhh……….ley.." Draco frowned and lethargically patted his chest, dimly aware of some sort of lumpy fatty deformity. Oh. It was merely some garden gnomes. Better than other possibilities he supposed. He let out a sigh of relief. His warm breath was visible in the seasonable weather and he watched, fascinated, as it gradually dissipated into the night sky. Cold cutting wind swept through the garden suddenly. Draco recoiled and hid his face in the crook of Harry's shoulder.

A neighbor's Christmas tree lit up and twinkled merrily, enveloping them in a myriad of soft colorful lights. The snow was seeping in through their robes. Harry squinted unable to see anything beyond a swirl of blinking colors and started to squirm, unable to find a comfortable position in the cold and wet.

He thought back to his hard-earned survival skills. Sometimes if conditions were too terrible he could trick his mind into thinking everything was all right. At the moment, he needed to think of things that made him warm up. Thoughts of a slick, lithe Draco would do nicely, for example.

Draco's underwear drawer did funny things to Harry, too. Three tidy piles of ladies' underwear, patterned cotton knickers on the left, the simple low-cuts and boy cut styles in the center and –Harry squirmed- the kinkiest pile on the right. He thought about that pile. It was a very good pile. The lacy red ones with the strategically missing sections were his favorite.. he licked his lips..they were mainly string with vibrant red silk.

"Draco's knickers." He sighed, and thought of Draco's current ones. He bent his arm dreamily and tapped Ron's nose, "P..i…i…i… loahcuh, mmmm'kini.." and found amusement in poking Ron for every 'i' in his version of 'pink' ,

"Bikini knickers?" Hermione inquired. She ran her hand down the front of her robes and grasped the groping hand. It felt pretty good. The hand was warm, strong and nimble. Hm. Draco in lowcut knickers… Knickers with cute little flower prints. "Mmmm.." She could feel her nipples tightening at the thought.


"'kay…" She cleared her throat. "Lehghomyboohbs."




"S'my booobs." She whined and sort of pawed at him.

"Ermph? Oohpsh.. Couldashwrntheyershh gnomesssh..ermph...sorrreesh"

She supposed there was an apology in there somewhere. Maybe. "Ssh'ohhkay. You're..sooooo…." Draco was so… "so *fuuckable*." Her hand slid down into her jeans as her thighs spread seemingly on their own accord. She sighed as she ran slender fingers down her supple folds, she parted them slightly and circled her clit, keeping her touch light and teasing. Draco in pink little knickers. Maybe she'd have Ron fuck him...

Ron idly ran his hand through his hair and cuddled Harry closer. They all looked so edible with their rosy cheeks and pink noses. Hermione especially with her full brown curls framing her soft features. He loved her hair, loved nuzzling it at night, when they were curled up in their bed, tired after a trying day. Sometimes it wasn't the day that was so tiring so much as it was Hermione wearing him out. His dark-eyed vixen. Ron bit his lip and tried not to squirm.

Hermione wasn't helping Ron's predicament. Her lidded gaze, fixed steadily on the sky, looked promising. A naughty little smile formed on her lips that made Ron's cock stand at attention. He moaned and rubbed more firmly against Harry. Her upper body was perched sideways over Draco's curled up one, giving Ron a good view of her hair and her breasts. His eyes narrowed as he noticed the subtle sinuous movement of her body. Draco had certainly noticed because he was lying very still, eyeing her warily.

What was Hermione d-


His resounding yelp caused a collective jump. Three pairs of eyes fell on Ron's peeved one-eyed stare.

"Sorreeee…" Sheepishly, Harry moved his hand away from Ron's face. The redhead, disappointed by the rude interruption from his musings, stuck out his tongue only to receive delighted snickering for his troubles. He couldn't help grinning at the sound. It was good to hear them laugh. They were all so close to him, like family. Even Draco- obnoxious arsehole and bane of Ron's existence - was family. Three years of a constant state of emergency allowed for some exceptional changes.

Warning bells were ringing in Ron's head, they were definitely not acting their normal selves, but he couldn't bring himself to worry. It was so good to see them act so relaxed and carefree. This was a surreal little while that he doubted would hurt anyone. His grin widened. Alcohol and god-knows-what-kind-of-drug fueled laughter echoed softly through the garden.

Flurries started to fall, landing on exposed skin like little dots of melting cold.

Hermione shivered. She straightened and rolled until she was chest to chest with Draco and snuggled into his thick winter cloak. It felt so warm and dry compared to hers. Probably the only one among us with a weatherproofed cloak, she thought wryly. She rested her head on his shoulder while Draco wrapped his arms around her.

Harry scooted until he could feel soft silky hair tickling his nose. He breathed in the familiar smell of Draco's expensive shampoo and gave a content little sigh. His arm was pinned under him; hand pressed against his stomach and covered by Ron's larger one. The redhead was a comforting weight behind him. He wiggled until Ron got the hint and closed in the short distance between them.

Harry had mixed feelings over Ron's blatant rubbing. It felt really good and it was making him randy as hell but it was also making him nervous. He hoped Ron wasn't trying to hint at anything because he had seen that monster cock before and it was intimidating as fuck. Besides, he wasn't much of a bottom. The humping was still kind of nice though.

They snuggled close. Why they were taking such liberties with each other? Why were they still lying in the cold snow? Harry shrugged to himself and let it go.

They huddled so close their warm breath intermingled.

The giggling was followed by a long spell of content silence. They could hear the merry laughter and exaggerated singing of George and Fred's drunken guests back in the house. The flurries grew into steady snowfall.

After some internal debating, Hermione stuck a hand inside her cloak and wriggled her fingers down into her cleavage. The boys watched with keen interest except for maybe Draco who watched dispassionately. She produced a tiny vial filled with a clear substance. Speaking carefully, she said, "Stick out your tongues."

They did so wordlessly, allowing her to dab the sobriety potion on each of them. The effect was immediate, eyes grew sharp and the slurring vanished. Clarity replaced the haze of intoxication. Hermione was fairly certain that she should be in the midst of some sort of panic attack over her sudden sober awareness of the situation but none was forthcoming.

Giving it a mental shrug, she smiled as Draco's arms wrapped around her more securely. "It's freezing." He complained.

Ron pulled out his wand and engorged his winter cloak. With the use of magic they set up a makeshift tent. Drying and heating charms were set and they sorted themselves out. They resettled on the cloak-covered ground; Hermione in Ron's embrace and Draco spooned by Harry. It took a minute for their eyes to get used to the semi-darkness.

Draco could just make out Hermione's curious stare. Unconsciously, he tensed, disliking the unasked for attention. Harry pulled him closer and pressed his lips on his shoulder, instinctively comforting him. He stared back at Hermione in silence until he couldn't stand it anymore and snapped, "*What?*"

She smiled disarmingly, but her expression was eager. "Can I see your knickers?"

Panic seized hold of Draco as he frantically thought back. So Harry's earlier comment *wasn't* in his imagination?! Oh shit. He swallowed and raised a mildly inquiring eyebrow. "Knickers, Granger? I don't wear-"

"Sure you do. I put a pair on you just this morning." Came Harry's humiliating reply. And why doesn't the ground open up and eat Draco alive when he wants it to? He groaned, both hating and loving how Harry always fucked with him. His boyfriend's tone made his cock twitch against soft cotton even as heat rushed to Draco's cheeks. He didn't understand why he loved the loss of control. Loved how Harry ruled their relationship.

Identical smirks on Granger and husband. Fuck

"My underwear is none of your concern."

He felt a growing smirk against his shoulder and groaned. Whatever the ex-Gryffindor wanted, he'd get. Harry began to draw intricate patterns down Draco's abdomen making the blond shiver in anticipation.

"Show them your knickers, Draco."

"Fuck you."

A strong, callused hand shot across his chest and gripped him by his underarm, roughly pulling until he rolled on to his back. Draco struggled as Harry quickly flung a leg over his waist and straddled him. He tried to buck him off but the brunette just hung on and laughed.

"Poor baby."

"Get off!"

He threw a punch but Harry was faster. He grabbed his wrist, wrenching Draco's arm up over his head. His other arm was caught shortly after. Draco scowled and looked away, refusing to see the cocky expression that had to be plastered across the other man's face. It was infuriating!

He struggled to no avail. The blond bit his lip to stifle a moan; he could feel Harry's burgeoning erection grinding against his stomach. "Tsk, tsk. Now that wasn't very nice." Harry purred.

Draco turned and glared defiantly, gray eyes flashing. He knew Granger and Weasley were watching and his ears and cheeks burned in embarrassment. An enclosed fire came to life near the base of the tent. Now there was no semidarkness to half hide in. Great. Thank you, Granger.

Harry was leaning forward, his lips puckering. Draco's eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth. If Harry thought he was going to get his cooperation he had another thing coming. At the last minute, Harry pulled back and said bluntly, "If you bite, I'll spank you in front of them."

Draco whined. That was a little more than he could handle at the moment. Harry kissed him and he returned the kiss sweetly. More kisses were spread over the line of his jaw and just behind his ear which left him a little breathless. His neck was nibbled and sucked until he moaned. Harry let go of his wrists.

"Keep them there."

Draco did as he was told. If only for the wonderful tactile treatment he was receiving. Harry moved so he was kneeling between Draco's legs. He murmured his approval as his hands traveled down Draco's trousers. He unbuttoned and he unhooked and powdery pink knickers were revealed. Harry pulled Draco's trousers off completely and eyed him hungrily.

"Take off your cloak."

Draco did so wordlessly; he folded it neatly and set it aside. Harry smirked as Draco laid back down and raised his arms above his head, back in their original position.

He was possibly speaking to Granger and Weasley but his eyes were fixed on Draco as he explained, "He's not allowed to touch his cock because he's my good little girl."

Draco didn't think he could get any redder or any harder at that moment.

Harry nuzzled his cheek before pulling back. He gripped him by his waist and pulled him on to his lap so only his upper back rested on the ground. Draco rested his legs comfortably on either side of Harry, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Nails raked over his hairless thighs. "My clean shaven baby. You're so sexy. Spread those legs beautiful. Give me a better view of those cute little knickers."

Adoring being the center of Harry's attention and ignoring his audience, Draco spread his legs and bent them back, fully revealing the pink knit-patterned bikini he was wearing. The knickers hung low on his thighs. They were tiny, but a perfect fit, they covered his rock hard erection perfectly. Harry ran his fingers down the hem of the knickers where crotch met thigh. He slid his hand just inside and watched as Draco's eyes darkened lustfully. His fingers grazed smooth silky skin and he grinned as he snapped the material. They were going to have some fun.

"I'm going to pound that sweet arse of yours. Going to rearrange your insides, sweetie." He promised as he nibbled his inner thigh. "Mmmm, you want me to fuck you, Draco? Want it deep inside? Show me, baby." He demanded. "That's it, rub against me just like that. Just like that."

Draco closed his eyes, a helpless groan escaping him as he rubbed his arse against Harry's erection.

He gasped as he was lifted up suddenly. He was pulled further up, his toes curling and his legs dangling uselessly above. With a growl Harry buried his nose inside his knickers, nuzzling just behind Draco's balls and breathing in deeply. A whimper escaped the blonde, shame coloring his cheeks. He hated how something so obscene could turn him on so much.

He wanted a lot more than that.

Harry grazed his teeth over his perineum and licked at his inner thigh.

"Spread wide for me, Draco. Going to fuck you with those knickers on baby. Let me see that arsehole." Draco rolled the seat of his knickers around his thumb and pulled it aside. Reveling in Harry's pleased encouragement; he pried his cheeks apart until he felt cool air against his hole. He knew how exposed he was to Harry's hungry gaze. Draco let out a straggled moan and writhed within Harry's grasp. Harry pulled him closer by his hips and watched the pink puckered hole clench convulsively. "Mm, Draco. Hot for me, are you?"

"Harry. Please."

With a greedy noise, Harry bit into a firm arse cheek and proceeded to disregard Draco's sudden loud protests as he gnawed until the skin was chafed and bruising. He kissed the raised skin and lathed a path down Draco's cleft. Draco who wanted to beat his boyfriend for marking him as if he were property had a change of heart once that tongue reached his quivering hole.

Peppering kisses on the rim of his entrance, Harry ran his tongue over it in tiny circular patterns until the hole glistened wetly. Draco was crying out, and pushing his rear up against Harry's face unabashedly. He was suckled and slurped and he could only beg for more. Harry pumped his tongue in and out of him, mimicking actual shagging to the point that Draco was going cross-eyed.

"Oooooh.." Draco mewled. He quickly reached the end of his patience. Harry was ignoring all his nonverbal coaxing and he couldn't spread his legs any further or hump any farther. He *needed* so badly. He needed cock right fucking now. He licked his lips and caught Harry's gaze. "Fuck me. Fuck your baby girl, Harry. He needs it."

It was a struggle not to come right then and there. With a growl he folded Draco over until he was jackknifed. He aligned his cock with Draco's ready entrance and teased the blond, not fully entering until Draco was virtually barking out orders for him to do so.

Harry pushed inexorably until he was balls deep. One arm rested on the ground and the other gripped the back of Draco's knee to keep him stretched wide and in position. Draco took the familiar length in with ease and he wriggled eagerly. He let out a pleased moan as Harry set a deep slow rhythm.

The buggering was good and he wanted more and he wanted harder and he wanted faster. Harry complied.

But then steady breathing hitched, and sloppy uneven thrusts replaced a good reaming. It signaled Harry's distraction, Draco pouted and opened his eyes and his own breath caught at what he saw. Harry had leaned to the side just far enough for Ron to wrap his arms around his neck and capture his lips with his own.

They were devouring each other even as Harry regained his rhythm. Draco watched, impossibly turned on. They were fighting for control of the kiss, Ron obviously winning. He thought such a move would make him jealous and upset yet the only reaction he had so far was his cock jerking and leaking copious amounts of precome.

Fuck. He had never had such a strong urge to bring his arms down and wrap his hand around his cock as he did at that moment but he knew from experience that Harry's reaction wouldn't be too pleasant. For him at least. He focused on Harry's pleasure instead, squeezing around him and delighting in the muffled moans and scrabbling he knew he caused.

Suddenly Ron jolted, his face flushing beet red and twisted as if in severe pain. Draco watched until Harry's powerful thrusts distracted him. Harry readjusted himself and moved away from Ron just as the redhead let out a high pitched whine that caught Draco's attention once again.

With Harry out of the way, Draco had an unobstructed view of the married couple. He watched as the fire cast flickering light over the copulating pair. They were naked with Hermione straddling Ron. She was bent over, whispering something into the redhead's ear that was making him moan.

She leaned back and rode him harder, light danced across her skin. Her breasts bounced in time with the rhythm she set. Running her hand down his chest and circling Ron's left nipple, she fingered the nipple ring he wore there. She watched Ron from under her lashes and smiled. Leaning forward again, she mouthed his right nipple and bit down harshly just as she gave his nipple ring a sharp twist. Ron was beside himself in pain as he bucked and arched wildly, caught between agony and ecstasy.

She looked up and smirked, catching Draco's eye, making him unquestionably aware that she knew he was watching. Hermione's brazen look, all playful challenge and hot desire sent titillating chills down Draco's spine. He turned away only to be caught by Harry's curious gaze. The brunette was aware of the silent exchange that had occurred. Draco smiled tentatively and Harry smiled back. Something was different, he realized with a flutter of excitement. This wasn't a one-time deal.

Then Harry kissed him and buckled down for some serious buggering.


Draco whimpered ceaselessly, sensing a powerful orgasm approach. His untouched cock was throbbing and his balls were drawing up towards his body. His nails were digging into his palms. "Harry!" He called out desperately. There was heavy groaning above him as his arse squeezed Harry mercilessly.

He forced his eyes open and got caught in an intense possessive stare. Harry was the picture of concentrated effort. Sweat was dripping off Harry's forehead as he drilled into him. Draco's prostate was being hammered ruthlessly, forcing out little squeaks and electrified shivers from the blonde.

Draco was going to burst at the seams. His body trembling and tense as a wire.

Harry leaned in, his tone low and adoring as he whispered, "Mess up your knickers baby. Fill them up with your come."

It was enough. Draco's world exploded, he let out a bawling scream that left his throat raw. Body bucked helplessly under the ongoing assault. His come shot out in hot thick spurts, the surge flooding his knickers and spurting out over his belly. He thought his climax was going to kill him. His arse pulsed out of control as Harry reached his own peak and shot his load deep inside the blonde. It forced another spurt out of Draco. He thought he wasn't ever going to stop coming.

An eternity past and he fell back limply, like a puppet whose strings were cut. He was fighting to remain conscious. "Oh god." He whimpered, dazed and body insensate.

"Shh shh." Harry hushed; he rubbed Draco's thighs soothingly as he carefully pulled out. Draco's knickers were quickly peeled off and his loose hole was kissed gently before two fingers wormed their way inside. He moaned as Harry swiped sensitized skin until he licked off all the come. Careful not to dislodge his fingers from Draco's arse, he rolled them both until Draco lied on top. He wrapped Draco's cloak around them and snuggled wordlessly.

Harry spared a glance at his side and found Ron and Hermione cocooned together in his cloak, fast asleep.

He sighed and kissed Draco on the top of his head.

"Love you."

"Love you too."

Possibly the kinkiest Christmas Eve ever. He would've smirked but he didn't have the energy. Closing his eyes, he slept soundly, dreaming of the possibilities that the future would bring.

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