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Fic: The Perfect Wife

Title: The Perfect Wife (12 parts, COMPLETE, ~8000 words)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bottom!Draco. Slash. Pseudo-heterosexuality. Mindfuck. Consent of the most dubious sort, edging into non-con, or possibly doing a cannonball straight into the middle of that particular dark pool. Identity confusion of all sorts. Boys with breasts (1); boys who like boys with breasts (1). Did I mention breasts? Don't let them scare you. Daddy kink. OOC-ness and deliberately fluffy cutesy feminine name changes. Some sadistic tendencies. Object insertion - cos I like plugs, seemingly. Comeplay, I think, or something very like it. Anorexia and forced feeding, or close enough as makes no nevermind. Forced feminization, for sure. Intimations of mpreg and forced breeding. Excessive use of endearments. Wait, where are you going...?

Summary: He can't remember what he was like before he lost his memory, but the person in the mirror doesn't really feel like him.

Author's note: All parts have been posted.

Start with part 1, or go to all tagged chapters.
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